I’ve failed to update…

Sorry about this.
My most recent trip was to Oklahoma… where the wind comes sweeping down the plains… where the waving wheat… yada yada yada.
The casino was “Winstar World Resorts”, self proclaimed largest casino in the world… I call Bullshit, that’s for sure.

Just an hour north of the DFW area, I drove up not knowing what to expect. I should have done some research because it was a casino that required an ante. For those that don’t know, an ante requires you to pay 50 cents for every time you play. That starts adding up when you’re playing blackjack. I estimated about $15-$25 per shoe depending on how many players were on the table.

So that was the kicker. I should have left before I got started. 3 hours later, I couldn’t win much back, and I was down $1200. Took a hit, didn’t really have too much fun. Apparently the location was 18 and over, but I only saw a couple youngins worth talking about. I rather stick to Morongo where they’re young and Californian… if you catch my drift.

More updates to follow. The Vegas Golden Knights are 3 wins away from winning the Stanley Cup… these are strange days indeed.

August 19th, 2017: Pechanga Resort and Casino

After visiting my brother down in Vista, I decided to head over to Pechanga. Before I enter the casino, a tall white guy jokingly tells me, “Don’t go in there… they’ll rob you.” I pretty much just laughed it off. One hour later… I pick up a cool $1800… pretty much everything I had spent since my most recent post. Granted, I spent the most buying a bunch of watches and new pairs of Lucky Brand jeans… but I needed to reload the wallet. It really bothers me that I can pick what is the equivalent to one paycheck in a matter of an hour… like… I could just quit and live off blackjack earnings… but work is guaranteed income and there’s the benefits that go along with it. So far, so good.

July 9th, 2017: Morongo

This was a plus $2250 day. Not bad for 3 hours work. I really didn’t want to stay home today, temperatures reached above 100… I started off slow at the $15 tables, but nothing much happened there, played some Brittney Spears slot machine… Then got down to business in the high limit room. The first $300 disappeared pretty quick, but an hour later I was unstoppable. And less than 3 hours later, I walk away with $3k… Tipping the dealer $100 for her time. Not bad really… Considering that’s more than my take home pay for the week… Sometimes it’s too easy. IJS

Place your bets, please…